Halloween Horror Binge: Day 5: Saturday Shorts

Kelly Konda and I have been having occasional conversations around our mutual interest in horror movies. He’s doing a 31 Days of Halloween at We Minored in Film. Check it out for other horror recommendations. Our tastes and backgrounds are different, but I’ve enjoyed talking to him when our tastes overlap, and especially when they diverge. He writes a lot about the business side of the TV and movie industry, diving into the numbers and analysis--something I don’t want to do, but I enjoy reading what he does with it.

For my Halloween Horror Binge weekends, I’m choosing horror shorts that are available for free by the artists or through a sponsored website. 


I Love Sarah Jane” (2008) 14 mins.

An Australian zombie apocalypse movie that is impressively done. Too short for real character development, but what it does do, it does well. Young crushes. Crushed skulls. It’s more than gore, but it doesn’t hold back in a few places.


Fry Day” (2018) 15 mins.

A movie that is set on the night of Ted Bundy’s execution, but follows a young, industrious girl who is taking pictures of the people gathered for the event and is selling them. She meets a guy who wants to hang out with her and some of his other friends. Existential horror as related to the daily experience of women. The movie has a perfectly ambiguous ending.

Tomorrow: Put on your Sunday shorts for animated horror in “Comedy” (2002) and “Hambuster” (2011).