Halloween Horror Binge: Day 6: Sunday Shorts

Comedy” (2002) 10 mins.

Part of why I do this movie binge every couple of years is obvious--to see more horror movies. Another reason is that it pushes me to watch sub-genres and styles that I normally wouldn’t. I’ve enjoyed the classics in anime like Akira (1988), but I haven’t ventured outside a handful of films. 

“Comedy” is done in a classic anime style, as far as I understand it. The director, Kazuto Nakazawa, also directed the animation in Kill Bill (2003). The film begins with a young girl going to Demon’s Castle in the hopes of persuading the Black Swordsman to protect her village from an approaching army. Her means of persuasion is the gift of a large book called Denny’s Comedy (Dante’s Divine Comedy?). Anyway, he’s kind of a jerk and has to read the whole thing before he’ll help, and he’s warned her that even if he protects the village, he still may kill her.

This was well-done, but not my thing. If gothic anime is yours, check it out.


Hambuster” (2011) 7 mins.

An absolute blast. A gross-out comedy monster movie about a burger that bites back and grows like the blob as it eats. Made by student animators in France. If you’re a horror fan, stay for the credits--lots of goofy references. There is also a 3D version online. 

Also, check out the newest Terror Test episode on the remakes of Maniac and Suspiria.